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What is Swap refunding program in Connexar Capital?

Connexar Capital Ltd refund swap charges to encourage traders to hold positions for longer periods. By reducing the cost of keeping positions open overnight, We motivate traders to engage in long-term trading strategies, which can lead to increased trading volumes and potential profits for both the trader vs ConnexarCapital Ltd.

Terms and conditions for Swap refunding

  • Swap Refund Slab 1:20%of the Swap amount will be refunded , When the trader achieves 0.1% volume of lot from the deposited amount.
  • Swap Refund Slab 2: 50% of the Swap amount will be refunded, When the trader achieves 0.2% volume of lot from the deposited amount.

How Swaps are Charged ?

Swap Charges, also known as rollover fees or overnight interest, are charged in forex trading due to the concept of interest rate differentials between currencies. Here's why swap charges exist:


Each currency in a forex pair has an associated interest rate set by its respective central bank. When you trade forex, you're essentially buying one currency while simultaneously selling another. The interest rate differential between the two currencies determines the cost or benefit of holding a position overnight.


When you hold a position open overnight, you're effectively borrowing one currency and lending another. The currency you're borrowing typically has a higher interest rate, while the currency you're lending has a lower interest rate. The difference between the two interest rates is the basis for the swap charge.


Swap charges compensate for the opportunity cost incurred by Connexar Capital Ltd. Connexar Capital must finance the position on behalf of the trader, and they could potentially use that money for other purposes or investments. By charging a swap fee, the Connexar Capital ensures they are compensated for the interest they could have earned if the funds were used elsewhere


Swap charges have become an industry norm in forex trading. The forex market operates 24 hours a day, and positions held overnight are subject to interest differentials. Swap charges help align the costs and benefits of overnight positions across market participants.

Who is Going to Get Benefit

Long Term Trader: If the trader focus for long term or swing trader, Swap Refund Program could potenlly benefit and make use of it.

  • How to Achieve it Eg: $10,000 Target Volume 0.02%, Within a month ease of Achieving 20 Standard Volumes, Per Day Approximate 1 lot
  • Customer Retention Refunding swap charges is a way for Connexar Capital Ltd to enhance customer satisfaction and promote client loyalty. Traders appreciate the opportunity to reduce trading costs, especially if they frequently hold positions overnight.
  • Swap charges: also known as rollover fees or overnight interest, are charged in forex trading due to the concept of interest rate differentials between currencies. Here's why swap charges exist.
  • Enjoying the Positive Swap: These currencies are often associated with higher interest rates, so buying high interest currencies against lower interest could potentially yield a positive swap credit. Eg: Buy NZD and Sell Agaist JPY


  • When should I request a Swap Refund?
    • Above Terms are applicable for one month, after completing the first, fill the form within a week, for Swap Refund Request

  • What If I do any Top Fund in between?
    • Eg: If the Investor Deposited $10,000 , wants to eligible for Slab Two, then Trader must complete 0.2% that is Twenty Standard Volume, In between any funds added For Eg: $5000 Deposited, then ConneXaR Capital Ltd will calculate as whole Deposit $15,000,

      Therefore If the Traders wants to achieve Slab Two, $15000*0.2% = 30 Standard Volumes must Complete, for 50% Swap Charges

      If the Traders wants to achieve Slab One: $15000*0.1% = 15 Standard Volumes must Complete  , for 20% Swap Charges

  • Can I do an internal Transfer within that account
    • Yes, you can! however the Internal Transfer Deposit is considered as new deposits.

  • Is that a one month refund or any 30 days? Can I count it ?
    • Investors cannot claim for more than 30 days swap, For Eg: if the investors opens the trade on 2nd Jan, Traders complete the Slab on Feb 1st, it cannot be taken for the count, will calculate upto Jan 2nd to Jan 31st of the same month.

  • Will the Open Traders be considered for Volumes?
    • No, Only Closed Orders Positions will be calculated

  • Can I count the previous month along with the current month?
    • The Previous month's orders, carried forward to next month are not eligible.

  • When to Claim the Swap Refund Request?
    • The Swap Free Refund will be deposited, after submission of approval within three business days, however Connexar capital ltd should receive the intimation within one week after completing previous month slabs.

  • Could Corporate or Institutional Clients be eligible for this Swap Refund Program?
    • Yes, However For Institution Clients / Corporate Clients are not eligible for this Particular Swap Refund Program, No Need to Worry, Connexar Capital Ltd offers a lucrative structure for Corporate and Institutional Clients.

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ConnexarCapital Ltd is incorporated under the jurisdiction of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

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ConnexarCapital Ltd is incorporated under the jurisdiction of the U.K companies house, London.

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